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Our projects are genuinely customized to each client. Since our methods focus on creating the ideal home lifestyle, custom elements, and deliverables specific to each design and staging client, each project has a unique aesthetic.


We invite you to explore NICHEdg to learn more about us and how we can help you achieve the desired outcome for your residence.

the NICHEDG aesthetic

Our specialty is creating custom, functional, and inviting environments that exude a casual feel with a sophisticated polish. We believe in creating environments that fit the way you aspire to live and truly feel like you.

We commit to creating custom environments. Therefore, we incorporate many custom elements such as cabinetry, upholstery, decor, and furnishings. Including a custom-based design means your home sincerely represents your character and culture while providing your desired lifestyle. In addition, it is high-end and will add real value to your life and property.

We invite you to review our process below and peruse our portfolios to get inspired and visualize the possibilities for your project.


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our CUSTOM projects

To dive deeper into our portfolio, please select a button below and explore our complete portfolios of custom design, virtual design concepts and staging. We also included some of our incredible before and after transformations.


the EXPERIENCE options

As a full-service studio, we offer various experiences. We welcome you to explore our options below to determine which one is the perfect match for your desired journey and project needs.

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Our complete design experience, Adorn, is our most popular design option. We tailor every element to your individual needs, lifestyle, and preferred aesthetic. We will create a custom design, curate quality bespoke goods, and guide you throughout the process. Our expert design strategy ensures you receive the maximum positive results for your level of investment. The lifestyle that you seek is within your reach. We can help you achieve it.

We are currently accepting projects for Winter 2022/Spring 2023. To learn more about the possibilities for your project and our award-winning service, please click the button below.

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Home staging is an integral part of selling or renting a property in today's market. Our staging is design-focused. We will create an environment to ensure the optimal staging strategy for your property to maximize your ROI ("Return on Investment") based on your target demographic, location, and property details. Our expert staging achieves real results. We are deeply committed to helping you successfully sell or rent your property for maximum profit.


To learn more, review our staging service options via the button below.  

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Our virtual experience, Design in a Box, is the ideal solution for anyone seeking quality design and expert guidance. We are experts in both virtual and in-person design - a key differentiator.

There is no guesswork - we create a custom design and space plan, curate quality products, and provide detailed instructions for installation. You will receive all the tools required to implement your custom design successfully.


The Design in a Box is a terrific option for an array of project scopes and levels of investment. Explore your options below.

Are you ready to discuss the opportunities for your project? We can quickly explore your options during a brief Discovery Call or submit your project for review, and we will contact you in one (1) business day.


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“As a first-time home buyer with no idea how to style my living room, Jacquelin made the process extremely easy. She was patient and responsive every step of the way. I will recommend her services to anyone and everyone.”

—  Steve S.


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