Our virtual experiences, DESIGN IN A BOX (aka "DIB"), is an alternate turn-key design option if you wish to benefit from our expertise, creative solutions, and product curation. We have offered virtual design services since our inception in 2015. As experts in virtual design, we understand the challenges and techniques required to effectively partner with you to design your space.


There is no guesswork - we create a custom design and floorplan, curate quality products, and provide detailed instructions for installation. We will provide you with the tools required to set up your custom Design in a Box, so you enjoy the experience of transforming your space. 

Our Virtual Design service includes the following:

* - available via Posh or Luxe DIB experiences

- Design consultation


- Custom mood board concepts


- 3D renderings


- Space/floor planning


- Paint/palette selection

- Budget planning + management

- Full design plan


- Expert curation of furnishings, decor, art, greenery,

  + materials

- Existing product repurposing + upcycling planning

- Samples, paint swatches, other materials to aid in 

  the decision process

- Custom closet + storage design

- Professional organization strategy

- Remodeling project design + planning*

- Personal online shopping portal

- Project management portal

- Kid-friendly Design


- Pet-friendly Design

- Sustainable + Green Design

- Outdoor Design

- Virtual, email, and phone assistance

- Virtual shopping trips*

- Purchasing service*

- Delivery + returns management*

- Remodeling guides + checklists*

- NICHEdg Client Concierge

  (available exclusively with various big-box vendors)

- NICHEdg Design in a Box

  (custom physical kit )

This service is conducted remotely. While we will not work together in person, we will virtually stay connected throughout the entire process. Our creative solutions and custom design will transform your space. Meanwhile, our user-friendly platform lets you easily navigate your project and install your concept with confidence. 


These are the reasons why our virtual experiences continuously grow in popularity. The Design in a Box is the ideal solution for anyone seeking quality design, award-winning service, and a unique aesthetic that will be more than a share-worthy post - it will be home


To determine your ideal virtual experience, please complete our Questionnaire via the button below.

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Starting your project is simple. Visit our Virtual Design Portal, select your design experience, and book your DIB. We will be in touch in two (2) business days to begin your project.  


Our virtual design experience is designed to be completed in two to six weeks. Once finished, you'll be all set to shop and install your custom design.


We offer a discounted bulk rate for entire properties or two (2) or more rooms. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to confirm your custom rate.