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Our process is the foundation for delivering a quality finished product and a positive experience. Over the past six years, we have worked extensively to develop our methodologies and systems to create a process that maximizes each project's success, efficiency, and capabilities for your investment. Since we understand the significance of your property, we incorporate investment-conscious solutions into our process to increase the benefits of working with NICHEdg. Our methods are intentionally established to reduce confusion, delays, costs, and ultimately, frustration for all parties involved. When our process is trusted, the capabilities and outcome of the project are spectacular.

We are well-versed in managing the many moving parts and parties included when designing or, remodeling a home, or selling a property. Combining our technology, expertise, and project management skills allows us to customize your level of involvement to complement your daily life. We are also highly experienced in working with high-rise luxury buildings, condominiums, multi-family properties, brownstones/rowhouses, gated communities, and real estate investment properties. We relieve you of the stress, confusion, and potential financial losses you would encounter if completed independently. 

To continue exploring your experience working with us, please review "The Primary Phases" below.


Remodeling projects require a specialized set of skills and management. Therefore, we designed our process to foster effective and timely communication between all parties - from Designer to Contactor to Client. We become your liaison and central command. Our process includes mandatory requirements for all remodeling scopes to protect your investment and home. As a result, our remodeling process consists of the following:


NICHEdg only partners with licensed and insured professionals to install any remodeling-based projects - a mandatory NICHEdg requirement. Our professionals also provide a COI ("Certificate of Insurance") for their work. Our method means our clients receive safe, quality, and high-level craftmanship on their projects that are also insured. Your installations are certified.


Our remodeling projects require permits for various installations as required by the State and local city/town rules. Therefore, our licensed professionals submit all permits on behalf of the project to your local Building Department and provide the approved permits upon receipt. Our approach ensures your installations will be safe, sound, and are more importantly, up to current codes. Your safety is vital.


The local Building Department inspects all remodeling projects to ensure accurate, safe, and sound installations. Once passed, you can rest assured that your remodel is safe. Provision of permits, proof of passed inspections, and CO's ("Certificates of Occupancy") are standard requests from a Buyer/Broker during a resale. We built these into our process, so you don't have to worry later. Your future is also protected.

Our methodology provides you with a quality remodel, a custom finished product, and the resources that you will need to manage your home effectively.


Again, we have developed these proven methods over the years. We consistently refine and improve our practices. Therefore, it is critical to trust your Designer and the process. Relax, have fun, and prepare to enjoy your new home! 

We invite you to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your project.

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To present a streamlined, efficient, and pleasurable experience, we include the following three primary phases during our design, remodeling and staging process:



Chemistry is an essential element of a successful project. Therefore, our process begins with the Consultation. We tour the space, get acquainted, refine the scope of work, reconfirm the investment level and estimated timeline. 


A design proposal is provided afterward, and if accepted, we engage and start your project within one (1) week!


During this final stage, we bring your design to life. We coordinate and supervise all required logistics and project management with the installation team based on the approved design and strategy.


Once completed, you will have a finished product that you will love! 



Once your project is engaged, we begin working on your concepts and finalize your custom strategy. We also continue to refine the deliverables and investment.


During this phase, we also curate and approve your inclusions, complete purchases, receive deliveries in preparation for the final stage of the process - the Implementation Phase.


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We are here to help. To begin exploring your options, please complete our questionnaire below. We will respond within one (1) business day to discuss your possibilities.

Thank you for considering NICHEdg. 

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