Transforming a space from its original condition into a striking and functional environment is an incredible experience.  However, we understand how overwhelming a renovation, designing a home, or selling a property can benefit our clients.  Therefore, the NICHEdg team will relieve you of the stress, confusion, and unnecessary expenses you would ordinarily encounter if you completed these projects on your own.  We created a simple, 3-step process that allows you to enjoy your design journey.


Our first step is to hold a discovery call and consultation. During the consultation, we will tour the space(s) together; identify your design style; specify the scope of work; define a budget; and agree upon a timeline. If we all wish to move forward, we will engage your project.


We manage your budget, orders, deliveries, professionals, and project manage the entire installation. Once completed, you will have a finished product that you will love.


After the consultation, we will work with you to create your design and/or plan. We then source all of the items required to complete your new design, process purchases, and help engage the required professionals.

At NICHEdg, we know your time and money are valuable, so we consider every detail to manage for you, including the project budget and schedule.  All that is left for you to do is relax, have fun, and start inviting people over to share your fantastic new space! 


To learn how NICHEdg can help, conveniently submit your project for review or schedule a discovery call below.


Please complete our brief Project Form to get started, and we will respond within two (2) business days to discuss your project and the next steps.