We are now offering the Afternoon with NICHEdg service. This is an incredible option for clients who have most of what they need already; recently purchased furniture and/or accessories and are unsure how to "finish" the space; or, just want to quickly refresh their home's look. We will visit your residence to perform a quick consultation; shop your space; alter your floor plan and source a few items to complete your new look. 

Easy, affordable and the perfect way to spend an afternoon.
Dwelling Type
Decor Style
Reason for Project

    • 5 hours of design
      • 1 hour consultation 
      • 4 hours design assistance
    • Change floor plan
    • Interior styling
    • Art/wall decor hanging
    • Product sourcing (up to 5 products)
    • Quick shopping in-store or, online

    The Afternoon with NICHEdg is for light design projects merely requiring a refresh. If you require a full design overhaul or, renovation, please book the Adorn or, Design in a Box service.

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