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the STAGING experience

Home staging is a proven essential investment to maximize the success of your marketing initiatives and reduce your properties' DOM ("Days on Market"). The higher the DOM per property, the more significant the impact on the profitability of your sale. As a full studio, we are well-versed in creating the premier environment for showings, virtual tours, and real estate marketing materials.


Our home staging approach is design-focused. We do not merely address "filling" and "defining purpose" in each room but stage your property to create an "experience" that resonates with your target demographic. The finished product is an environment that provides the optimal results for your property to maximize your ROI ("Return on Investment"). 


We are here to help you succeed. Therefore, we utilize our design and staging expertise to increase your success rate with each project. We also offer real estate developers, brokers, and investors sales planning assistance. We become an extension of your sales team and are committed to helping you exceed your annual sales goals.


Our Founder, Jacquelin C. Franklin, has been an active member of the Real Estate Staging Association's ("RESA") National Board of Directors since 2021 and currently serves as the Chairperson (2022 - present). She was nominated and voted RESA's 2022 and 2021 Top 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate Staging, respectively. As a member of leadership in real estate staging, she is also making significant contributions to continue to elevate the industry.

Our expertise, award-winning service, and commitment to our client's success make NICHEdg an excellent option for your next staging project. We invite you to book a consultation to discover the possibilities for your project.


the STAGING categories

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Revisions is an excellent option for homeowners on a budget. By carefully editing your possessions and adjusting your floor plan, we will breathe new life into your space. 


This service type is an excellent option for anyone who has ample furniture and accessories but needs assistance to achieve a design that is better suited for buyers. This option also works well for homeowners on a smaller budget.


With a terrific design, smart space planning, and your beautiful pieces, we will create a look that will undoubtedly attract the prospective buyers you seek.

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Most homeowners already have a good selection of furnishings and accessories to stage their home. The problem typically is poor floor planning, "dated" looks and clutter.  

As professional stagers, we know how to implement cost-effective solutions.  We will update your space with a color palette that speaks to buyers; improve your floor plan; and add some pieces from our inventory to create a fresh, dynamic, and cohesive look.  These updates will increase the success of each showing. 

With our Semi-Stage service, your property will leave a lasting impression on your prospective buyers and renters.

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While an empty room provides a feeling of space, it tends to be incredibly overwhelming to a buyer or renter. They begin to think about the cost of having to decorate the property; they are uncertain how to use each room; or, the property falls flat because it lacks character.  


The NICHEdg team will introduce customized staging to help buyers realize your property's potential.  We carefully curate the furnishings and decor based on your property type, target demographic, and budget.  We also offer a turn-key option that allows the homeowner or Broker to include the staging as part of the sale. Our flat-rate pricing is prevalent as well.


The Vacant Staging service is a great investment.  Let's get started today! 

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85% of staged homes sold for 5 - 23% over the list price and sold faster.


the NEXT step


We begin every staging project with a consultation. Our priority is to listen and learn as much as we can about your needs and your property. 


During the consultation, we will:


  • Discuss your goals, budget, and timeline


  • Complete a walk-through of your property


  • Identify property highlights, problem areas, and solutions


We will provide you with verbal staging solutions to maximize the success of future showings. Our team will complete the staging on your behalf and eliminate the time and stress of preparing your property for sale.

For homeowners seeking expert advice and a detailed plan to complete the staging on their own, we offer our Consultation + Plan and our Consultation Deluxe. Both packages are highly beneficial, cost-effective alternatives.

We offer multiple consultation levels to satisfy a variety of client preferences. Let's discuss your project's possibilities.


Explore our consultation service options below 
and book the right experience for your project

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