Ensuring our clients are well informed and comfortable with our process is always core to our service at NICHEdg.  Therefore, we have included some answers to the questions that we frequently receive from our clients.  If you do not find the information that you are seeking below, please contact us at and we will answer any questions that you may have.  You are one step closer to creating your perfect NICHE.  Happy reading!

1.      I have decided to hire NICHEdg for my project.  What is the next step?

First, thank you very much for choosing NICHEdg!  The next step is the engagement phase of the project.  During this period, the following events will take place: 1) engagement documents will be provided for your review; 2) the contract will be executed and required fees will be collected; and 3) upon receipt of the signed contract and fee payments, your project will begin.  For your convenience, you can also purchase various services online like our in-person consultations and the Design in a Box service.  Otherwise, please submit your project details here to get started.

2.     Why does NICHEdg use contracts?

NICHEdg requires contracts for all projects.  The usage of contracts ensures a clear, smooth and pleasurable process for both parties.  NICHEdg will provide you with a contract to review and sign prior to begininng your project.  If you are purchasing your services via the NICHEdg website, processing your purchase and acceptance of the terms and conditions at checkout constitutes acceptance of our Decorating and Redesign Agreement.    

3.     What are my payment options?

Our clients are welcome to pay via any of the following methods: certified bank check, credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), debit card, Apple Pay or, PayPal for their services. If purchasing your services online, only credit card, debit card and PayPal payments are accepted.    

4.     I would like to book a consultation, when do I have to pay the fee?

All consultation fees must be pre-paid in full in order for NICHEdg to schedule your appointment. You can purchase your consultation online here - design consultation or, staging consultation.  You can also contact NICHEdg to make arrangements. 

5.     What takes place during the design consultation?

The design consultation is a great opportunity for us to get acquainted.  We learn more about your wishes for the project; tour the space(s); and share verbal ideas for you to execute on your own or, to determine the scope of work for the project.  

6.     If I already purchased some items or, want to use my current furniture and/or decor.  Can these                items be included in the design?

Of course.  We have many clients that request this.  We will create a design concept that will pull your room together with your existing pieces.  If anything is in poor shape, we can have it refinished or, reupholstered for a fee.  

7.      I am unsure how much my project will cost.  Can NICHEdg help me establish a budget?

Yes, we will work with you to determine how much you will need to create the design based on your requested inclusions.  Once this is established, we will refine the final scope of work to ensure the total cost is both realistic and financially comfortable for you.

8.     Can I still hire NICHEdg if I require design services outside of NY, NJ or, CT?

Absolutely.  NICHEdg provides interior design services to our out-of-region clients via FaceTime and Skype.  We also offer virtual interior design (Design in a Box service) and virtual home staging services for our clients.  If requested, we can also travel to your location for an extra fee.

9.     How do I engage the Design in a Box service for my project?

All Design in a Box services are conveniently purchased online via the Design in a Box page.  Simply review each package type to determine which one is right for you; add the package(s) to your cart; and checkout.  We will contact you within 2 business days to begin your project.  

10.    I would like to submit my measurements for my Design in a Box, what do I need to include?

First, thank you for purchasing NICHEdg's Design in a Box ("DIB") service!  The measurements are key for designing your space.  Therefore, it is important that you to follow our measuring instructions that were provided after you purchased your DIB.  If you have any questions, we are here to guide you.

11.     I received my DIB, but I need more help.  What are my options?

We offer post-DIB assistance at an hourly rate if you need additional help.  Please refer to your custom DIB or, submit an inquiry for more details.

12.    What is included in the Home Staging Consultation? 

During your home staging consultation, we will tour the property; identify the areas that require attention; and define the scope of work for the staging project.  This session is very informative.  If you would like a written account of the suggested updates to stage the property effectively, we offer a consultation with a written report as well.  

13.    How does NICHEdg charge for the Home Staging service?

Our home staging process begins with a consultation, which includes a non-refundable, pre-paid fee of $300.  After the consultation and we are formally hired for the home staging project, an hourly rate is charged based on your selected service. An itemized bill for hours worked and a monthly invoice for rentals, if requested, is provided. Please note, the monthly rental fee is charged in addition to the staging fee.

14.    Does NICHEdg carry their own inventory?

NICHEdg does carry its own inventory of furnishings and accessories for staging projects.  Once a client opts to include our inventory in their staging project, NICHEdg will provide a rental contract and a monthly rental fee will apply.

15.    A buyer/renter loved the staging so much that they want the property with the staged items.  Can

       we arrange for the staged pieces to be included in the sale/rental?

Yes.  Our clients have inquired about this multiple times for both properties for sale and for rent so, we are willing to work with you to make sure you can close the deal.  Please contact us to discuss the details of the request and pricing for the purchase.  

16.   We would like to hire NICHEdg for different types of projects.  How can we coordinate this?

This is terrific news!  Please submit an inquiry here to receive a custom quote for the various services that you wish to engage for your project.

17.   Does NICHEdg sell furniture, textiles and/or decor?

We frequently are asked this question.  As a part of our growing commitment to sustainability and reducing post design waste, we are working on an online store to give terrific furnishings and decor a second home. We will be sharing more on this in 2020.


A NICHEdg brick and mortar location and retail store are in the works for 2021.  Follow us on social media, sign up for our mailing list or, visit NICHEdg's blog to receive updates on our store launch date.

18.   Can I gift any services?

Absolutely!  NICHEdg offers gift cards for our Design in a Box service and consultations.  If you are feeling really generous, you can gift a custom interior or, redesign package for a set amount.  You can conveniently purchase your giftcard online here or, contact NICHEdg for assistance. 

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