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Ensuring our clients are well informed and comfortable with our process is always core to our service at NICHEdg.  Therefore, we have included some answers to the questions that we frequently receive from our clients.  If you do not find the information you are seeking below, please contact us at, and we will answer any questions you may have.  You are one step closer to creating your perfect NICHE!

1.      I would like to book a consultation, how can I book an appointment?

You can purchase your consultation online at design consultation or staging consultationPlease note, all consultation fees must be pre-paid in full for NICHEdg to book your appointment.

2.     What takes place during the design consultation?

The design consultation is an excellent opportunity for us to get acquainted.  We learn more about your wishes for the project; tour the space(s); share verbal ideas for you to execute on your own, and reconfirm the project's scope of work.  After the design consultation, we will determine the flat fee for the Adorn service and provide a quote.  We will also confirm the recommended budget for your project based on the agreed-upon scope of work.

3.     Will NICHEdg help me engage home improvement professionals for my project?
Yes.  We have established relationships with a network of home improvement professionals.  We always take safety seriously.  Therefore, we only work with properly credentialed professionals to ensure all installations are done up-to-code per the State's regulations where the project is located.  All of our home improvement partners are licensed, insured, and bonded for all construction-based projects.  All other non-construction-based professionals in our network, i.e. handypersons, are highly skilled and experienced and will provide a Certificate of Insurance for all installations.
4.     Why does NICHEdg require permits for projects with a remodeling component?
As an additional safety measure in conjunction with our requirement of only working with licensed, insured, and bonded home improvement professionals, we require permits are acquired for all projects when required by the local Building Department in the State where the project is located.  As a result, all permitted projects are inspected by the local City or, Town's Building Department inspectors.  This is another level of assurance that the remodeling installations have been completed under the State's codes.   Our commitment to your safety, the integrity and accuracy of the remodeling work that is completed, and protecting your investment is central to our practices.
5.     What if I have a contractor that I already know or have selected for my project?
We understand that sometimes our clients have professionals they have worked with in the past or were referred to them by family, colleagues, or friends.  We are happy to partner with your selected home improvement professionals.  Before we accept and engage your project, we will need to vet each professional.  Therefore, we will need to receive each professional's information, which will include their proof of license, business website, portfolio, and contact information.  We will verify that each professional is properly credentialed, can request permits from the local Building Department, and their skill set is suitable for the caliber of designs that we will create for your project.  Ensuring each professional is equipped to install our custom design is key to the success and timeliness of the project.  Again, all of our remodeling projects are inspected, so a valid, current license is required to adhere to our requirements.  
6.     Why does NICHEdg use contracts?

NICHEdg requires contracts for all projects.  The usage of contracts ensures a clear, smooth, and pleasurable process for both parties.  NICHEdg will provide you with an agreement to review and sign before beginning your project.  We want all of our clients to be both comfortable and understand the agreement before signing.  Therefore, we always review any questions and reconfirm the process to set expectations.  Once agreed, all parties will complete the agreement to begin the project officially.  

7.     What are my payment options?

Our clients are welcome to pay via any of the following methods: certified bank check, credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), debit card, Apple Pay or, PayPal for their services.  Only credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal payments are accepted if purchasing your services online.   We also offer payment plans for certain projects.  Please contact us to discuss a customized payment plan option for your project. 

8.     Can I still hire NICHEdg if I require design services outside of NY, NJ or, CT?

Absolutely.  NICHEdg provides interior design services to our out-of-region clients via FaceTime and Skype.  We also offer virtual interior design (Design in a Box service) and virtual home staging services for our clients.  If requested, we can travel to your location for an additional fee, which will be billed additionally to the design or staging fees.

9.     If I already purchased some items or want to use my current furniture and decor, can these items be included?

Yes.  We have many clients that request this.  We also are committed to repurposing furnishings, decor, and materials whenever possible to increase sustainability and reduce waste for all of our projects.  We will create a design concept that will incorporate your existing pieces.  If anything is in poor shape, we can have it refinished, reupholstered, or upcycled for a fee.

10.    I have decided to hire NICHEdg for my project.  What is the next step?

First, thank you very much for choosing NICHEdg!  The next step is the engagement phase of the project.  During this period, the following events will occur: 1) engagement documents are provided for your review; 2) the agreement is completed, and we will process the required fees; 3) upon receipt of the signed contract and fee payments, we will activate your project.

11.    My project is officially engaged.  What happens next?

Welcome to the NICHEdg community.  Once your project is engaged, we will contact you within two (2) business days to schedule our first project meeting.  We will review the scope of work, the project plan, and the budget to set expectations during this meeting as we begin your design or staging experience.

12.    I am unsure how much my project will cost.  Can NICHEdg help me establish a budget?

Yes, we included a recommended budget with your quote.  We will also review the level of investment during your first project meeting.  Once established, we will set the level of investment for the project.  We will work together as a team.  We will continue to refine the final scope of work, products, and labor throughout the project to ensure the total cost is realistic and financially comfortable.

13.    I am interested in the virtual design service, Design in a Box.  How do I get started? 

Our process is simple.  If you have not already done so, please first review each package type to determine which option is right for you.  Then, select your package, complete the requested steps, and process your payment online.  Upon receiving your project confirmation, we will contact you within two (2) business days to hold your consultation and begin your virtual design experience.

14.    I would like to book a Design in a Box for multiple rooms.  What are the requirements?

That is great news.  The Design in a Box ("DIB") is charged per room.  Therefore, you merely need to select the package option for each room and process your purchase.  If you need some guidance, please submit your project here.  We will contact you within two (2) business days to discuss your project.

15.   Can I purchase various Design in a Box packages for the same project?

Yes, you certainly can.  For example, if you have a room that requires a simple refresh - our Micro-DIB package will work well.  However, if you need a full redesign for another room - our Classic, Posh, or, Luxe package will work best depending on your needs and budget.  Therefore, you can include multiple package options to customize our virtual service for your project.  If you would like to discuss your project, please submit your project here or schedule a Discovery Call.

16.    I would like to submit my measurements for my Design in a Box. What do I need to include?

First, thank you for becoming a virtual design client.  The measurements are vital for designing your space.  You will need to include the measurements for all walls, windows, doors, and passageways in the room.  Therefore, it is essential to follow our measuring instructions provided after you formally engage your DIB.  


If you have any questions, we are always here to help you.

17.    Can I continue working with NICHEdg after I receive my Design in a Box?

Yes, we would be delighted to continue working together.  We offer post-DIB design assistance at an hourly rate if you need additional help.  We can help you with the installation, additional sourcing, or answer any questions that you may have. 


You can book additional time via our "Design Assistance - Hourly" service, which you can purchase here.  Or, please contact us.

18.    What is included in the Home Staging Consultation? 

During your home staging consultation, we will tour the property; identify the areas that require attention; and define the scope of work for the staging project.  This session is very informative. 


If you are looking for detailed instructions to stage your property yourself, we highly recommend our Home Staging Consultation and Write-up or our Home Staging Consultation Deluxe.  They are terrific solutions to stage your property for a modest investment - perfect for smaller budgets, real estate brokers, and investors/house flippers.

19.    How does NICHEdg charge for the Home Staging service?

Our home staging process begins with a consultation, including a non-refundable, pre-paid fee of $300.  After our meeting and we are hired for the home staging project, we will construct a staging plan for your selected service.  Our staging fees are charged per room.  An itemized monthly invoice for furniture and decor rentals, if required, will be billed additionally for the duration the staging is required.


We offer a flat rate percentage of the sale price for vacant staging projects and customized staging plans for Real Estate Brokers and Developers.  Please submit your project here to learn more.  

20.   Does NICHEdg carry their inventory?

NICHEdg does carry its inventory of furnishings and accessories for staging projects.  Once a client opts to include our products in their staging project, NICHEdg will provide a rental contract, and a monthly rental fee will apply.

21.    Does NICHEdg work on vacation rentals and Airbnb projects?

Yes, we do.  We can stage your vacation rental or Airbnb to attract the guests you seek and obtain top dollar for your rental property.  We will consider the type of property, the caliber of guests you would like to attract, and your budget to reap maximum results. 


Our Home Staging Consultation Deluxe is also a great option for clients on a tight budget.

22.  Can I arrange to include the staging as part of the sale or rental?

Yes.  Our clients have inquired about this multiple times for both properties for sale and rent so, we are happy to work with you to make sure you can close the deal.  


Please contact us to discuss the details of the request and confirm the pricing for the purchase.  

23.  We would like to hire NICHEdg for different types of projects.  How can we coordinate this?

That is terrific news!  Please schedule a Discovery Call or submit an inquiry here to discuss your project and receive a custom quote for the services you wish to include in your project scope.

24.  Does NICHEdg sell furniture, textiles, and decor?

We frequently are asked this question.  As a part of our growing commitment to sustainability and reducing post-design and remodeling waste, we are working on an online store to provide stellar furnishings and decor a second home.  We will be sharing more on this in the future.


Follow us on social media, sign up for our mailing list or, visit NICHEdg's blog to receive updates on our company's expansion and offerings.

25.   Can I gift any of your services?

Absolutely!  NICHEdg offers gift cards for our Design in a Box service and consultations.  If you feel generous, you can gift a custom interior or redesign package for a set amount. 


You can conveniently purchase your gift card online here or contact us for assistance. 

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